On each turn, a single hound moves to a directly connected empty square,
followed by the hare's similar move. The hounds may only move vertically
or forward (to the right), not backward. The hare may move in any direction.

There are no captures. The hounds win by trapping the hare so that he is   
unable to move. The hare can win two ways. He can escape, which he does
by moving past (to the left of) all three hounds. Also, if the hounds move 10
times in a row without advancing (i.e. they only move up and down) then the
hounds are stalling and the hare wins.

To move a hound, first use the mouse to select the hound you'd like to move.
Then select the square to move into. Selecting the same hound twice will cancel
 the selection. If you're playing the hare, you need only select the desired square.