3D RC Flight Simulator

By forming completeness 3D, a display of the real airplane which is not until now came 
be completed. The body appends "PITTS." Since an end user can design objects, such as 
an airplane, freely, please make the favorite body and a favorite map. By forming 
completeness 3D, a viewpoint can also be freely changed now. 
The pursuit viewpoint of the airplane "Move" is newly added by this. It can fly up in 
the sky together with an airplane now. Moreover, since a viewpoint is always changed, 
after going up high up in the sky, it is changing into "Normal" and "Active", and it 
is also possible to control in the state where it stopped in the air. Naturally a 
smoked function is living.

Operation explanation.

- It is a standard fixed viewpoint for "Normal."
It can control with the feeling which flies a radio-control airplane and requires it.

- Although it is "Active" fixed viewpoint, since it is behind for a while
and it supplements with an airplane, it can control with the feeling with
the feeling of a lively motion.

- A viewpoint is also movable in the form where "Move" airplane is pursued from back.
It can fly on a cloud now.

- "Smoke" smoke can be taken out.
At the time of an acrobat, it is effective.

- It can initialize and re-start at the time of "Restart" crash etc.

- "Meter board" Although attached once, it is almost decoration.
(E) engine meter, (S) speed meter, (H) advanced meter, (A) direction meter.

- An engine output will be improved if it clicks on "control" control panel.
Since it descends gradually, please sometimes click an engine output. Operation is 
possible moving a mouse (It is not a drag) aileron and elevator are controllable.

Body data and map data can be created freely.

[data structure]
data structure is very easy.
It can create easily by the text editor etc.
Although the data structure of data for airplanes and data for maps is
completely the same, since airplane data is dealt with as a size of 1/100
within a program, please be careful.

[data written example]
v -48 49.32 -73.5
v -48 49.32 -105.63
v -23.1 -2.71 -46.67
f 4 255 0 0 183 182 181 38
f 6 255 0 0 38 181 180 179 178 20
f 3 255 0 0 0 1 4

"vertex data"
v X coordinates   Y coordinates   Z coordinates
discernment code Please be sure to attach "v" to a head.
Please be sure to put in the pause space of each item.

"face data"
f vertexes   R red   G green   B blue   Vertex number Vertex number Vertex number ---- 
Please be sure to attach "f" to a head. Discernment code
Please the number of vertexes and the number of vertexes be surely in agreement.
Please set up the color of a field with the value of each colors 0-255.
Please be sure to put in the pause space of each item.
Although each field usually has a table and the reverse side in the turn
which a vertex specifies, since it has come to be able to carry out
double-sided drawing, both is splendid.
However, the turn which has connected each vertex should become the perimeter.
A vertex number is written turn.
Vertex data and face data may be intermingled.

If interesting data is made, please contact me.
It is waiting.